Mathematical models on the basis of fundamental trigonometric splines

V. P. Denusiuk, O. V. Nehodenko


The paper considers some systems of fundamental functions which are easy to be used in the problems for ordinary differential equations. The most well-known systems of fundamental functions include Lagrange system of fundamental functions and the complete systems even and odd fundamental trigonometric polynomials. However, there are some other systems of fundamental functions on analytical grid, including the systems of polynomial fundamental splines and complete trigonometric even and odd fundamental splines. Some of these systems are considered in this paper.


funfamental functions; Lagrange functions; ordinary differential equations; simple polynomial splines; trigonometric splines; mathematical models


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Denusiuk, V.P. Nehodenko O.V., Influence of smoothness interpolation trigonometric splines on interpolation accuracy // Ukrainian Food Journal. 2013. Volume 2. Issue 4

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