Monte Carlo numerical simulation of phase equilibrium in the Ni3-Al system

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О. В. Кравчук
А. О. Ковальчук


The article presents a computer model for simulating the diffusion process in FCC alloy with the L12-type ordered structure in balance with disordered solid solution. Model takes into account dependence of atoms interaction energy from local environment according to modification Monte Carlo method, enabling exact definition of an atom, being at a certain phase. Investigated the dependence of the order degree in an orderly homogeneous alloy of system parameters and set their minimum required number of control parameters for long-range order. It has been found, that the system can come to the same value of LRO with different sets of pair interaction. As a result of computer experiment, parallel isolines of equilibrium long-range order have been built, slope ratio of isolines has been determined and free term related to LRO has been shown. Using developed algorithm was obtained the equilibrium concentrations in Ni3Al phase and solid solution at a specific temperature, which which corresponds to the experimental phase diagram of the Al-Ni. In this way, we have demonstrated the possibility of building real curves of phase equilibrium using computer models.

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Computer Modelling in Physics
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О. В. Кравчук

Магістрант, Черкаський національний університет імені Богдана Хмельницького, бульв. Шевченка 81, 18031, Черкаси, Україна.

А. О. Ковальчук

Кандидат фіз.-мат. наук, доцент Черкаський національний університет імені Богдана Хмельницького, бульв. Шевченка 81, 18031, Черкаси, Україна.


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