High-speed optical pyrometer calibration

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V. V. Savina
N. V. Storozhuk


The paper presents an experiment and a computer model for the high-speed optical pyrometer calibration and describes in detail the method of the experiment. The issue of high-speed pyrometer calibration was high lighted. The calibration curves for the two lamps (spiral lamp 17 V - 170 W and photometric SIRSH 6-40) were obtained as well. The article shows the brightness distribution along the spiral  length of one and a tape of other lamp. The etalon calibration by using an optical pyrometer with a disappearing filament  has been also done. Moreover, the authors describe the way how to make a computer model, and compare  it with the experiment results. According to the experiment results and the computer model data, it can be concluded that the spiral lamp can be used as a standard for the high-speed optical pyrometer calibration by following calibration procedure

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Materials Physics


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