Analysis of phase growth suppression criteria in Ni-Si and Co-Si systems

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Ю. О. Ляшенко


We considered the kinetic and thermodynamic criteria of suppression of the binary phase growth in the diffusion zone between the pure components. The kinetic criterion is based on the flux balance equation. The thermodynamic criterion is based on the principle of maximum of the free energy release rate. The Ni-Si system was taken as a first example to demonstrate that a thermodynamic criterion leads to the bigger values of the critical thickness. In its turn the suppression of the phase growth emerges. The results of the calculations show that the growth of Ni2Sn phase is more efficient in the initial diffusion interaction. The use of approach of the developed model in the Co-Si system reveals the equal efficiency of either of Co Si phase growth either of Co2Si phase and Co Si phase growth combination in the diffusion zone in the initial stage of diffusion reaction. Results of calculations well fit the experimental data.

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Materials Physics


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