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Ya. D. Korol


The peculiarities of the hydromechanical method of the vanadium oxide (V) nanocrystals formation from traditional raw materials have been experimentally studied. Designs of devices that provide intensive stirring of suspension with speed control and continuous in situ recording of parameter proportional to viscosity are described. It has been shown that the pH, viscosity and color of the suspension change synchronously and can be used to control the course of the reaction. The dependences of the of V2O5 powder crystals morphological transformation kinetics on the mixing intensity of the suspension are obtained. It is shown that a possible reason for this dependence may be an increase in the rate of dissolution of crystals with increasing mixing intensity. The critical role of sodium chloride for nanophase formation was determined and the optimal concentration of NaCl in the solution, which provides the formation of vanadium pentoxide nanocrystals, was determined.


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Materials Physics
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Ya. D. Korol, The Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy

PhD, associate professor,
Head of the Educational and Scientific Center for Physical-Chemical Research


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