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В. В. Морозович
Я. Д. Король
Т. А. Красовський
Ю. О. Ляшенко


This article is about the influence of preliminary cold deformation of steel surface by SMAT (surface mechanical attrition treatment) technology to explore the process of solid carbonization of 40X steel samples. The influence of SMAT processing on the change of texture of steel samples was investigated by the methods of X - ray crystallography. The analysis of the broadening the diffraction lines indicates not just the creating of microstress during SMAT processing, but also an increase in the concentration of carbon in the surface layers of steel samples after solid carbonization. Peculiarities of iron γ-phase phaseformation in these samples have been established. The change in the dependence of the microhardness in the surface layer on the time of SMAT processing and subsequent carbonization of steel samples is determined.

The influence SMAT treatment of surface steel layers on the subsequent carbonization of steel process was investigated by X-ray diffraction analysis. The analysis showed that the broadening of the diffraction lines from the samples obtained after SMAT treatment is associated with a decrease in grain size and the emergence of microvoltages. However, in contrast to samples processed by SMAT technology, in carbonized samples the broadening of the peaks is also caused by an increase in carbon content. The obtained results of X-ray diffraction analysis allow us to draw the following conclusions: after processing by SMAT technology, a textured steel surface with the orientation of the planes (110) and (220) is formed. After a long (30 min.) SMAT treatment in the carbonization process there are diffraction peaks from the γ-Fe phase.

It established that the surface SMAT treatment of steel also leads to changes in the microhardness and depth penetration of carbon in the process of solid carbonization. In SMAT-treated samples, the microhardness increases after a short treatment (5 min). Ten-minute SMAT treatment reduces the microhardness readings in the surface layer. Prolonged (30 min) treatment causes an increase in microhardness in near-surface layers (up to 700 μm) of the sample, at greater distances from the surface the microhardness values repeat the values of untreated SMAT sample, which requires further and more detailed study.

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Materials Physics
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В. В. Морозович, Черкаський національний університет імені Богдана Хмельницького, Черкаси, Україна

аспірант кафедри фізики, ННІ ІНФОТЕХ

Я. Д. Король, Черкаський національний університет імені Богдана Хмельницького, Черкаси, Україна

канд. фіз.-мат. наук, доцент,

директор навчально-наукового центру фізико-хімічних досліджень ЧНУ

Т. А. Красовський, Київський академічний університет НАН України, Київ, Україна

завідувач лабораторії

Ю. О. Ляшенко, Черкаський національний університет імені Богдана Хмельницького, Черкаси, Україна

доктор фіз.-мат. наук, професор, ННІ ІНФОТЕХ


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