Modelling of the diffusion of atoms in the presence of the mobile and immobile traps and under the influence of the external stochastic force

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С. М. Захаров
В. В. Морозович
Ю. О. Ляшенко


The influence of the external stochastic effect on the re-distribution of the diffusing atoms in the cubic lattice at presence of flows had been studied with the use of the Monte – Carlo method. We considered the case in which the mobile and immobile traps are distributed randomly. It was shown that, the mean value of the stochastic component has no influence on the distribution of the diffusing atoms. The existence of traps alters the type of the concentration profiles: we found that the Gauss distribution at the trap concentration C < 10-3 switches to the exponential dependence at C > 10-3. The mobility of traps exerts an influence on the shape of the concentration distributions. The additional local maximums in the concentration distributions of the diffusing atoms emerge due to the action of the external stochastic force. In the case when the traps are mobile the concentration profiles become less distinct than in the case when the traps are immobile at the same duration of random walks of the migrating atoms. The additional maximum of the distribution function of the migrating atoms emerges with the setting up the high values of the mobile trap concentration. The position of this maximum depends on the intensity of the trap displacement.

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Computer Modelling in Physics
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С. М. Захаров

Кандидат фіз.-мат. наук, старший науковий співробітник, Інститут металофізики ім. Г.В. Курдюмова НАН України, бульв. Акад. Вернадського, 36, 03142, Київ, Україна.

В. В. Морозович

Студент 4-го курсу, Черкаський національний університет імені Богдана Хмельницького, бульв. Шевченка 81, 18031, Черкаси, Україна.

Ю. О. Ляшенко

кандидат фіз.-мат. наук, доцент, директор навчально-наукового інституту Фізики, математики та комп’ютерно- інформаційних систем, Черкаський національний університет імені Богдана Хмельницького, бульв. Шевченка 81, 18031, Черкаси, Україна.


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